Volume: 10 Issue: 01

S. No. Paper Title
1. The Influence of e-Service Quality Dimensions on Customer Satisfaction and Purchase Intention: An Indian e-Market Perspective
AuthorAuthor 1: Faisal, A.S.; AuthorAuthor 2: Haque, R.; AuthorAuthor 3: Pang, A.K.; AuthorAuthor 4: Rahman, A.
AuthorAuthor 5: Connie,G.
2. Finding Future Markets of Uzbekistan Sewing and Knitting Enterprises
AuthorAuthor 1: Abdiyeva, Dilnavoz A.;
3. Strategy to Increase the Efficiency and Sustainable Development of Commercial Banks
AuthorAuthor 1: Usmonov, Chorshanbi B.; AuthorAuthor 2: Nuriddinova, Nilufar N.;
4. Non-commercial Advertisements: A Study of Awareness & Preference among Rural Women
AuthorAuthor 1: Sharma, Dr. Khushboo; AuthorAuthor 2: Mehta, Dr. Pallavi; AuthorAuthor 3: Gupta, Alka;
5. Development of Digital Systems of Enterprises of Agriculture and Water Management
AuthorAuthor 1: Ergasheva, Shakhlo T.;
6. NonEmployment Increase: Theory and Practice
AuthorAuthor 1: Khayitov, Abdumannon B.; AuthorAuthor 2: Tukhtayeva, Khurshida F.;
7. The Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the Supply Chain of Agricultural Products
AuthorAuthor 1: Mukhamedjanova, Kamola;
8. Economic Analysis Of The Development Of The Securities Market In The Republic Of Uzbekistan
AuthorAuthor 1: Rustamova, Dilbar;
9. Investment Funds Functioning Features In The Conditions of Economic Liberalization of Uzbekistan
AuthorAuthor 1: Sultanov, Makhmud; AuthorAuthor 2: Bobur, Valiev; AuthorAuthor 3: Abrorov, Sirojiddin; AuthorAuthor 4: Khudoykulov, Khurshid;
10. Labour Protection Problems In Ensuring The Economic Security of Industrial Enterprises
AuthorAuthor 1: Tukhtabaev, Jamshid Sh.; AuthorAuthor 2: Tillaeva, Barno R.; AuthorAuthor 3: Ismagulova, Gulmira N.;
11. Advantages of Developing Cashless Settlement
AuthorAuthor 1: Rakhmatullaev, Anvar I.; AuthorAuthor 2: Ruziev, Zafar I.; AuthorAuthor 3: Normamatov, Ikhtiyar B.;
12. Methods of Calculating the Cost Of Products and the Possibility of Their Application In the Modern Economy of Uzbekistan
AuthorAuthor 1: Khasanov, Bakhodir A.; AuthorAuthor 2: Yarkulova, Marifatkhon A.;  
13. Increasing Population Employment Under Conditions of Modernization Country Economy
AuthorAuthor 1: Khayitov, Abdumannon B.; AuthorAuthor 2: Giyosova, Gulnoza U.;
14. Ways of the Marketing Strategy Forming of Fruit and Vegetable Products
AuthorAuthor 1: Mamadjanova, Tuygunoy A.;
15. Use of Expert Question Method in Evaluation of Technology Update in Industry
AuthorAuthor 1: Rustamov, Narzillo I.;
16. Factors Affecting Customer’s Satisfaction and Loyalty in Hospitals in China
AuthorAuthor 1: Haque, Dr. Rasheedul; AuthorAuthor 2: Rahman, Dr. Abdul; AuthorAuthor 3: Ah Kow, Alfred Pang;
17. Aspect of Financial Security of Industrial Enterprises Under Influence of Global Crisis
AuthorAuthor 1: Tursunov, Bobir O.;
18. Problems of Evaluation and Procuring Economic Security At Enterprises
AuthorAuthorAuthor 1: Uktamov, Khusniddin;
19. Influence of Internalization to The Competitiveness of Higher Education in The Republic of Uzbekistan
AuthorAuthor 1: Zufarova, Nozima;
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