Volume: 11 Issue: 02

S. No. Paper Title
1. Ways To Ensure Food Security Through Agrarian Market Development
Author Author 1: Egamberdievich, Aliev Yashnarjon Author Author 2: Jaloliddinov Anvar Jaloliddin Oglu
2. Econometric Modeling And Forecast Of Net Revenues From Sales Of Products By Small Business: In Case Of Uzbekistan
Author Author 1: Akbarova, Barno Author
3. Effective Use of Gr-Governance Mechanisms in The Development of The State, Society and Business
Author Author 1: Davronovich, Djuraev Dilshod Author
4. The Concept of Ensuring the Strategic Economic Security of An Enterprise in The Context of Its Permanent Development
Author Author 1: Gulomov, Elbek Ulugbek Ugli
5. Accounting Policy of The Enterprise: Development and Amendments
Author Author 1: Turgunovna, Ergasheva Shakhlo Author Author 2: Abrorovna, Mannapova Rano
6. The Role of Economic Security in The Company Management System
Author Author 1: Khodjamuratova, Gulbakhor Author Author 2: Uktamov, Fazliddin
7. Improving The Theory and Methods of Forming the Financial Policy of The Enterprise
Author Author 1: Xamdamov Sardor Farmon Ogli
8. Improving The Methodology For Evaluating The Internal Control System In The Audit Process Based On International Standards
Author Author 1: Islamovich, Ilkhamov Shavkat
9. Creative Approach to Effective Measures of Financial Sustainability Management
Author Author 1: Akramovich, Kilichev Alisher
10. Theoretical Analysis Content and Essence of the Concept of "Investment"
Author Author 1: Umarova, Guzal Author Author 2: Uaysovich, Shakirov Nurzod
11. Characteristics of Payment of Employees in Law Enforcement Agencies
Author Author 1: Ibragimovna, Karimjanova Munavvar
12. Assessment And Management of Credit Risk in Banks
Author Author 1: Akromovich, Toshpulatov Davron
13. Theoretical and Methodological Aspects of Corporate Governance
Author Author 1: Aripkhodjaeva, Nargiza
14. The Role of The Tourism Sector in The National Economy and Characteristics
Author Author 1: Ashiralievich, Mamadjanov Abrorali
15. Improving the Efficiency of Cultivation and Export of Agricultural Products: In Case Surkhandarya
Author Author 1: Mamadjanova, Tuygunoy Author Author 2: Normurodov, Alibek
16. Economical Analysis of Certain Types of Industrial Production In The Regions
Author Author 1: Rakhimov, Zoxidjon
17. Foreign Experience Development Banks: In Case of Russia and Europe
Author Author 1: Rakhmatov, Khasanboy
18. Direction of Conducting Transformation Processes in The Chemical Industry
Author Author 1: Xakimovich, Tuxtayev Akobirjon
19. Methodological Aspects of The Agroindustrial Complex Management in Covid-19 Conditions in The World
Author Author 1: Muzaffarovna, Umarkhodjaeva Arafatkhon
20. Discriminant Analysis of Consumer Attitudes Towards Fashion
Author Author 1: Khakimov, Ziyodulla Author Author 2: Akramov, Tokhirjon   Author Author 3: Mahmudov, Tokhirjon
21. Development of Sales Strategies and Alternative Marketing Channels in The World's Leading Automotive Corporations
Author Author 1: Lazizovich, Tuychiev Komiljon
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