Volume: 10 Issue: 02

S. No. Paper Title
1. Choosing a Form of Business Environment in Management Efficiency in Textile Enterprises
Author Author 1: Muzaffarjon Mirmuxsinovich, Akbarov
2. Scientific Aspects of Agrarian Market Development in Ensuring Macroeconomic Sustainability
Author Author 1: Yashnarjon Egamberdievich, Aliev
3. The Estimated of Threats to the Financial Security: Evidence from Uzbek Company’s
Author Author 1: Shohjahon, Yusupov
4. Comparative Study of HDFC Bank and SBI
Author Author 1: Nirmal, Mr. Anilkumar; Author Author 2:Derashri, Dr. Purvi
5. Improving Methodology to Evaluate the Efficiency of Textile Enterprises
Author Author 1: Feruza Payzievna, Azimova
6. Oil Management Issues in the Development of the Digital Economy
Author Author 1: Azlarova, Dilnoza
7. Scientific and Theoretical Fundamentals of Ensuring Economic Security of Small Business and Private Enterprises
Author Author 1: Mamadjanov, Farhod
8. Methodological Aspects of the Bank's Information Security  
Author Author 1: Khujamurodov, Askarjon Author Author 2: Jumanova, Zilola
9. Scientific and Theoretical Basis of Threats to the Economic Security of the Enterprise
Author Author 1: Uktamov, Khusniddin
10. Developing Methodology to Evaluate the Efficiency of Development Marketing Strategy
Author Author 1: Rustamovich, Mardonov Sherzod
11. Integral Assessment of the Capacity of Textile Industry Enterprises
Author Author 1: Abdurahmonovich, Isaev Ravshan
12. Effectiveness of Approaching the Process Approach to the Development of Competence of Employees of Cotton Ginning Enterprises
Author Author 1: Rakhmonkulovna, Omonova Nasiba
13. Issues of Innovative Development and Management of Enterprises
Author Author 1: Nasimov, Bakhtiyor
14. Ways to Increase Competitiveness in Small Business and Private Enterprises
Author Author 1: Mamajonovich, Onarboev Shuxrat
15. Innovation Capabilities and Small Business Enterprises' Performance
Author Author 1: Shonazarova, Gulyora
16. Conceptual Fundamentals of Diversification of Production in Farms to Ensure in Food Security and Poverty Reduction
Author Author 1: Sharafetdinovich, Tukhtabaev Jamshid Author Author 2:Baymamatovna, Taylakova Dilafruz Author Author 3: Abdullayevich, Tashnazarov Suratjon Author Author 4: Nuralievna, Ismagulova Gulmira
Author Author 5: Qizi, Suvpulatova Maftuna Asadullo
17. Ways to Determine and Reduce Investment Risks in Banks
Author Author 1: Muzaffarovich, Umarkhodjaev Anvarkhon
18. Co-integration Analysis of Relationship between the Small Business Export Potential and Poverty Reduction in Uzbekistan
Author Author 1: Tursunov, Ulugbek
19. The Main Directions of Increasing the Economic Efficiency of Transport Infrastructure
Author Author 1: Turabovna, Asqarova Mavluda Author Author 2: Shukurjonovich, Rakhimov Khasanboy
20. Ways of Effective Use of Territorial Resources in Industrial Enterprises
Author Author 1: Istamovich, Rustamov Narzillo Author Author 2: Qizi, Tukhtaeva Muyassar Shovkat
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