Volume: 09 Issue: 02

S. No. Paper Title
1. An Inclusive Study on Substantial Need for Healthcare IoT Architecture: An Architectural Review
AuthorAuthor 1: Evangelin. D; AuthorAuthor 2: Ithayarani. P; AuthorAuthor 3: Nelson Samuel Jebastin. J;
2. Prediction of Death Causes Using Regression Models and Moving Averages
AuthorAuthor 1: Abbas, Irfan; AuthorAuthor 2: Muneer, Umair;
3. Study and Design of A High Capacity Fiber-Optic Communication Link by Analyzing and Comparing Different Dispersion Techniques Using DCF
AuthorAuthor 1: Rahman, M. M.; AuthorAuthor 2: Islam, M. S.; AuthorAuthor 3: Tanvir, M. M.; AuthorAuthor 4: Rubayan, S.;
4. New Paradigm of Training and Development for Employees and Organization
AuthorAuthor 1:Poonam;
5. Main Ways to Assess the Effectiveness of Railway Management
AuthorAuthor 1: Agzamova, Marguba Mirabdullaev;
6. Ways of Efficient Usage of Internet Marketing In Selling a Tourism Products
AuthorAuthor 1: Babaev, Jurabek Hidoyatovich;
7. Issues of Strengthening of Local Budget Revenues by Assessing the Financial Potential of Regions
AuthorAuthor 1: Buranova, Lola Vahobovna;
8. A Review Paper on Impact of CPEC on Pakistani Culture
AuthorAuthor 1: Sanaullah
9. Improvement of Economic Efficiency of Development of Railway
AuthorAuthor 1: Fayzullaev Javlonbek Sultanovich
10. The Role of the Textile Industry in the Economy of Uzbekistan
AuthorAuthor 1: Kazakov, Olimjon Sobirovich;
11. Theoretical and Practical Basis for Development of Transport Infrastructure
AuthorAuthor 1: Rakhimov, Hasanboy Shukurjonovich;
12. The Economic Mechanisms of the Risks That Affect the Investment Increasing the Regions
AuthorAuthor 1: Rajabov, Bunyod;
13. The State and Dynamics of the Main Indicators of the Educational Services Market in Uzbekistan
AuthorAuthor 1: Sadullaeva, Gulnoza Sodiq qizi;
14. Strategic Development in the Textile Industry
AuthorAuthor 1: Umarova, Guzal Gayratovna;
15. Innovative Ways of Traditional Tourism Development
AuthorAuthor 1: Usmonov, Chorshanbi Bozorovich; AuthorAuthor 2: Nuriddinova, Nilufar Nuriddin qizi;
16. Improvement of Insurance Policy Accounting Methods and Increasing the Stability of Insurance Companies
AuthorAuthor 1: Ergashev, Khurshid Nabiyevich;
17. Human Capital the Main Factor of Development of Innovative Economy
AuthorAuthor 1: Yarmatov, Sharifiddin Chorievich; AuthorAuthor 2: Ismatov, Sharafiddin Asatulloevich;
18. Overview of World Turnover of Vegetable Oil Trade
AuthorAuthor 1: Yuldashev, Abduhakim;
19. Efficiency of Effective Resources and Use in Agriculture
AuthorAuthor 1: Mirzaev, Abdulla Kurbanovich; AuthorAuthor 2: Sharifi, Abdul-Fatah;
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