Volume: 11 Issue: 01

S. No. Paper Title
1. Is a Customs Audit the Activity of this Service? Or the Inspection Process? Priorities for its Implementation
Author Author 1: Azizov Sh. Author Author 2: Abdullaev K.
2. Analysis of the Influence of Dynamics and Structure of Export and Import on Economic Security
Author Author 1: Tukhtabaev, Jamshid Author Author 2: Rakhimov, Imron Author Author 3: Bekmuratov, Nurali Author Author 4: Mamadaliyev, Doniyorbek Author Author 5: Nurullayev, Xayotjon
3. Modeling the Process of Efficient Use of Domestic Investment in the Country's Economy
Author Author 1: Aymukhammedova, Amina Kakajanovna Author Author 2: Aymatova, Farida Khurazovna
4. Data Visualization: A Study of Tools and Challenges
Author Author 1: Siddiqui, Ahmad Tasnim
5. The Role of Economic Security in the Enterprise Management System
Author Author 1: Uktamov, Khusniddin
6. Ways to Increase The Efficiency of Motor Vehicle Services
Author Author 1: Rakhmatovich, Mirzaev Furqat
7. Development of Small Business Activities with Imitation Innovations
Author Author 1: Bakhtiyorovich, Salimov Sherzod
8. Methods for Evaluation and Measurement of Intellectual Capital of Employees of Small Businesses  
Author Author 1: Umarkhodjaeva, Muyassarkhon
9. Methodology of Local Brand Formation: Concepts and Literature Review
Author Author 1: Boltaeva, Zinora
10. The Advantage of International Standardization and Integration in Control and Audit in the Public Sector
Author Author 1: Abrorovna, Mannapova Rano
11. Features of Formation of Financial Statements In accordance With IFRs Requirements
Author Author 1: Turgunovna, Ergasheva Shahlo
12. Issues of Using the Pension System in Uzbekistan from the Experience of Developed Countries: Practice, Analysis and Prospects
Author Author 1: Gafurov, Ubaydullo V.; Author Author 2: Davronov, Shuhratjon Z.
13. Innovative Assessment for Evaluation of Personnel Development Effectiveness in the Agro-Industrial Complex
Author Author 1: Yuldashevna, Khojamuratova Gulbahor; Author Author 2: Ikromovna, Vafoeva Dilafruz
14. Improving the Methodological Framework for Identifying and Accounting For Green Jobs in Small Business and Private Entrepreneurship
Author Author 1: Bahodirovich, Goyipnazarov Sanjar
15. Efficiency of Marketing Management in Textile Enterprises
Author Author 1: Yusupov, Saidvali
16. Tendencies for the Development of Innovative Infrastructure in Agriculture
Author Author 1: Aliev, Yashnarjon E.; Author Author 2: Urazov, Mansur M.
17. Theoretical Fundamentals of Introduction of Economic Production in Industrial Enterprises: Principles and Functions
Author Author 1: Karimovna, Yaxyaeva Inobat
18. Cluster Analysis of the Industrial Sector in Ensuring the Financial Security of Textile Enterprises of Uzbekistan
Author Author 1: Tursunov, Bobir
19. Assessment of Customer Relations in Commercial Banks
Author Author 1: Abrorovich, Yuldoshev Jamshid; 
20. A Comparative Study of Kotak Mahindra Bank’s Priority Sector Lending & Non-Priority Sector Lending Non-Performing Assets
Author Author 1: Nirmal, Dr. Anilkumar Author Author 2: Deogaonkar, Dr. Anant
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