Special Issue 3
S. No. Paper Title
1. Statistical Aspects for Evaluation of The Efficiency of Water Consumption in Agriculture
AuthorAuthor 1: Ahmedov Sayfullo Normatovich
2. Issues for Reforming the National Statistical System in the Country: In Case of Republic of Uzbekistan
AuthorAuthor 1: Bakhodir Begalov AuthorAuthor 2: Odil Mamadaliev AuthorAuthor 3: Nodira Abdusalomova
3. Economic Content-Essence of The Local Food Market in The Region
AuthorAuthor 1: Boboyorova Maftuna
4. Organizational and Functional Aspects for Improvement of State Financial Control System in The Country
AuthorAuthor 1: Jabbarov Azamat Alijonovich
5. Development of the Labor Market and Ways of Increase Efficiency in Country
AuthorAuthor 1: Makhammadiev Maqsud Mardonovich
6. Issue for Study of The Issue of Marketing in Education
AuthorAuthor 1: Sharifkhodjaev Usman Ulfatovich AuthorAuthor 2: Odilova Sitora Saifitdin Qizi
7. Practice Aspects for Rent Accounting in Uzbekistan
AuthorAuthor 1: Olimjon Mamatovich Кuljanov
8. Issues of Improving the Methodology of Organizing Investment Activities of Small Business Entities
AuthorAuthor 1: Ruziyeva Dilobar Isomjonovna
9. Role and Prospects of The System of Public Education in The Process of Accounting for The Population in The Republic of Uzbekistan
AuthorAuthor 1: Sharifhojaev Usman Ulfatovich AuthorAuthor 2: Ibragimov Abdimalik Gapparovich
10. Financial Security of Textile Enterprises During the Pandemic: In Case of Uzbekistan
AuthorAuthor 1: Tursunov Bobir Ortikmirzaevich
11. Introduction of Digital Economy in Our Country and Its Prospects
AuthorAuthor 1: Dildor Arifovna Sabirova
12. Problems and Perspectives of Electronic Commerce
AuthorAuthor 1: Ulugbek Aripov
13. Statistical Analysis of Inflation Processes in The Republic of Uzbekistan
AuthorAuthor 1: Nabikhodjaev Abbas Abdupattakhovich AuthorAuthor 2: Umarova Mukaddas Abbasovna
14. Formation of A Structure-Logical Model of a Complex Approach to Costing in Agricultural Service Enterprises
AuthorAuthor 1: Turkmanov Azam Saydullaevvich
15. Innovative Assessment for Forecasting the Competitiveness of An Enterprise Based on The Elliott Wave Principle
AuthorAuthor 1: Abdumurotov Shokhrukh Shavkat Ugli
16. Benchmarking Strategies for Increasing the Competitiveness of The Automotive Industry
AuthorAuthor 1: Abdurashidova Nigora Alisherovna
17. The Uniqueness of The Central Asian Transport System
AuthorAuthor 1: Aytieva Sevara Allaberdievna
18. Methodology for Assessing the Economic Sustainability of Chemical Enterprises
AuthorAuthor 1: Kadirov Abdumalik Matkarimovich
19. Prospects of Implementation of Innovative Technologies in The Development of Cynology Services in Uzbekistan
AuthorAuthor 1: Karimjonova Munavvar Ibragimovna
20. Institutions of Higher Military Education Professor-Teachers Work Rating Assessment and Incentive Methodology
AuthorAuthor 1: Otaniyozov Bayotbek Jumabaevich AuthorAuthor 2: Karimjonova Munavvar Ibragimovna
21. Role and Prospects of The System of Public Education in The Process of Accounting for The Population in The Republic of Uzbekistan
AuthorAuthor 1: Sharifhojaev Usman Ulfatovich AuthorAuthor 2: Ibragimov Abdimalik Gapparovich
22. The Potential of Innovative Marketing Tools to Develop Enterprises
AuthorAuthor 1: Berdiev Bobur
23. Internet Marketing as A Tool for Innovative Marketing
AuthorAuthor 1: Ergashkhodjaeva Shakhnoza
24. Role of Innovations in Development of Silkworm Enterprises` Marketing
AuthorAuthor 1: Jumaev Olimjon Sadullaevich
25. Innovative Service Marketing: Russian Experience
AuthorAuthor 1: Samadov Askarjon Nishonovich
26. Improving Usage of Marketing Tools in Ensuring the Economic Security of Enterprises
AuthorTursunkhodjaev Sardor Jamoliddin Ugli
27. Analysis of The Value-Added Chain in The Textile Sector of The Economy of Uzbekistan
AuthorAuthor 1: Umarkhodjaeva Muyassar Ganievna
28. Methodological Aspects of Assessing the Financial Security of Construction Enterprises
AuthorAuthor 1: Umarova Nargiza Kholdarovna
29. Issues Audit Methods in The Control of Benefits on Customs Payments in Period of Digitalization
AuthorAuthorAuthor 1: Makkamov Zokirjon Xusanboyevich AuthorAuthor 2: Mukhammadaiev Temur Giyasiddin Ugli
30. Analysis of The Cyclical Dynamics of The Industrial Sector in Ensuring Financial Security in The Industry: In Case of Textiles
AuthorAuthoAuthor 1: Elena Zarova AuthorAuthor 2: Bobir Tursunov
31. Theoretical and Practical Aspects for Assessment the Financial Security of a Commercial Bank
AuthorAuthoAuthor 1: Akbarov Bekhzokhon Ulugbek Ugli
32. Improving the Practice of Evaluating Corporate Actions in Joint-Stock Companies
AuthorAuthoAuthor 1: Ismailov Allayor Rashidovich
33. Peculiarities of Managing the Investment Assets of Oil Companies in The Implementation of The Tax for Additional Income
AuthorAuthoAuthor 1: Mannopov Alisher Abror Ugli
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