Special Issue - 5 [March 2024]

1. Issues of Drafting Analysis of Corporate Reporting Based on International Financial Reporting Standards
AuthorAuthor 1: Khaydarova Dildora Jakhohngir Kizi
2. Statistical Analysis of Higher Education Services in Human Capital Investment
AuthorAuthor 1: Akbarova Barno Shukhratovna
3. The Importance of Innovative Activity in Developing the Activity of Small Business Subjects
AuthorAuthor 1: Ruzieva Dilobar Isomjonovna
4. Membership in The WTO Will Allow the Comprehensive Integration of The New Uzbekistan Into the World Economy
AuthorAuthor 1: Mukhiddin Kalonov
5. The Importance of Marketing Research in The Chemical Industry
AuthorAuthor 1: Khaydarova Kamola Axinjanovna
6. Analysis of Indicators of Socio-Economic Development in The Assessment of Inclusive Growth in Uzbekistan
AuthorAuthor 1: Sadullaev Toir
7. Foreign Experience of Using Marketing Strategy to Increase the Competitiveness of Enterprises
AuthorAuthor 1: Tillyakhodjaev Aziz
8. Cotton Primary Processing Plants and Cotton Fiber Competitiveness Evaluation Methods
AuthorAuthor 1: Akbarov Nodir Gafurovich
9. Social Entrepreneurship Is an Important Aspect of Poverty Reduction
AuthorAuthor 1: Goyipnazarov Sanjar Bakhodirovich
10. Mechanism For Personnel Quality Management At Construction Enterprises
AuthorAuthor 1: Djuraeva Guzal Shavkatovna
11. Countries With The Highest Number Of Internet Users And Practices For Development
AuthorAuthor 1: Satvoldiev Ulugbek Kamilovich
12. Genesis for Development of The Digital Economy in The World
AuthorAuthor 1: Rakhmanov Lochin Tokhtamishovich
13. Features of Ensuring the Social Functions of Public Transport in Market Conditions
AuthorAuthor 1: Anvar Jaloliddinov
14. Improving the Methodology for Increasing the Export Capacity of Territories in the Digital Economy
AuthorAuthor 1: Mamadjanova Tuygunoy Ahmadjanovna
15. Forecast Scenarios of Socio-Economic Efficiency of Water Use in Agriculture of Uzbekistan
AuthorAuthor 1: Akhmedov Sayfullo Normatovich
16. Directions For Increasing Export Opportunities Based On Diversifying The Textile Industry
AuthorAuthor 1: Rakhimov Furkat Jalalovich

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