Volume: 13 Issue: 01

S. No. Paper Title
1. Experience of Advanced Foreign Countries in Supporting and Regulating Business and Craft Activities in Mahallas
Author Author 1: Ashurov Mukhamadjon Murodovich
2. Decoding Essential Elements for Marketing Strategies of Digital Products and Services: A Review
Author Author 1: Dr. Azizjon Bobojonov
3. Development of A Competency Model for English Teacher in Higher Education Institutions
Author Author 1: Boltaeva Sitora Mirdjonovna
4. Management of Personnel from Industrial Enterprises
Author Author 1: Jurayeva Guzal Shavkatovna
5. Ways to Improve the Functional Strategy in Textile Industry Enterprises
Author Author 1: Kadirkhodjaeva Nilufar
6. Methodical Aspects for Regulating of Enterprises Financial Security
Author Author 1: Umarova Nargiza Kholdarovna
7. Scientific and Practical Aspects of Managing Textile Clusters and Increasing Their Export Potential
Author Author 1: Saddrinova Nigora Khusniddin Qizi
8. Ways for Regulating of Financing Entrepreneurship in Mahallas
Author Author 1: Akhmadjonov Farkhodjon Akromjon Ugli
10. Determination of the Minimum Required Levels in Financial Security of Banks
Author Author 1: Akbarov Bekhzokhon Ulugbek Ugli
11. Methodological Approaches to The Research of the "Middle Class" Factor
Author Author 1: Asadov Jasur Abdujabborovich
12. Methodological Aspects of Using Marketing Strategies in Filling the Consumer Market with Food Products
Author Author 1: Azlarova Munira Mukhammadamin Qizi
13. Increasing the Efficiency of Use of Manufacturing Capacity on The Basis of The Production Software Optimization Model in Enterprises
Author Author 1: Satvoldiev Ulugbek Kamilovich
14. Insurance in Uzbekistan: Experience and Practice
Author Author 1: Sharobiddinov Akramjon Goyibbaevich
15. Theoretical Principles of Management Development in Physical Education and Sports on The Basis of Public-Private Partnership
Author Author 1: Yuldoshev Ulugbek Askar Ugli
16. Methodological Aspects of Assessment of The Export Potential of Small Businesses
Author Author 1: Mamadjanova Tuygunoy
17. Assessment of Railway Transport Service Quality Levels
Author Author 1: Jalolava Madina Shopulat Qizi
18. Analysis of Tax Administration Activity of State Tax Service Bodies
Author Author 1: Tashmukhamedova Yayra
19. Methodological Principles of Assessing the Efficiency of Management of Investments in Textile Industry Enterprises
Author Author 1: Umarova Guzal Gayratovna
20. A Review on Driver Drowsiness Detection System
Author Author 1: Rahul Kumar Singh Author Author 2: Mohd Junedul Haque Author Author 3: Pooja Vadnere
21. Indicators for Managing the Efficiency of Water Consumption in Agriculture in The Regions of Uzbekistan
Author Author 1: Akhmedov Sayfullo Normatovich
22. Public News Droid: An Daptive News App Interface
Author Author 1: Mohd Junedul Haque Author Author 2: Rahul Singh Author Author 3: Mritunjay
23. Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Labor Market: Analysis of Activities and Research in Uzbekistan
Author Author 1: Tukhtasinov Zafarjon Odiljonovich
24. State and Society - Development of The Institutional Basis of This Small Business
Author Author 1: Umarkhodjaeva Muyassarkhon Ganievna
25. Issues of Adapting the Indicators of The National Accounting System to The International Methodology in Uzbekistan
Author Author 1: Bakhodir Begalov Author Author 2: Abrorali Mamadjanov Author Author 3: Odiljon Mamadaliev
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