Special Issue - 2 [September 2019]

S. No. Paper Title
1. Foreign Experience Forming Financial and Industrial Groups
AuthorAuthor 1: Azlarova, Munira Muhammadamin Qizi;
2. Factors Affecting the Development of the Light Industry in Uzbekistan
AuthorAuthor 1: Burkhanov, Aktam Usmanovich;
3. Conceptual Foundations of the Innovative Strategy of the Automotive Industry: In Case of Uzbekistan
AuthorAuthor 1: Hodjamuratova, Gubahor Yuldashevna;
4. Ways of Using Innovative Marketing Technologies in the Passenger Transport System
AuthorAuthor 1: Berdiyorov, Temur Azamatovich;
5. The Experience of International Agricultural Clusters and its Implementation in Uzbekistan
AuthorAuthor 1: Sadriddinova, Nigora Xusniddin Qizi;
6. Economic Essential of Stock Infrastructure and Features of Its Development
AuthorAuthor 1: Khujamurodov, Askarjon Jalolovich;
7. Improvement of Methods of Financial Management of Investment Activities
AuthorAuthor 1: Ismailov, Dilshod Anvarjonovich;
8. Theoretical Aspects of the Transport Logistics System Management
AuthorAuthor 1: Fayzullaev, Javlonbek;
9. Aspects of Agricultural Market Development in Uzbekistan
AuthorAuthor 1: Djuraeva, Guzal Shavkatovna;
10. Development of Tourism Management in Regions On The Basis Of Mountain Recreation
AuthorAuthor 1: Kadirhodjaeva, Nilufar;
11. Innovative Methods of Personnel Assessment in Marketing Services
AuthorAuthor 1: Samadov, Asqarjon;
12. Innovation a Potential’s Management in Furniture Industry
AuthorAuthor 1: Shanazarova, Gulyora Bahtiyarovna;
13. Specific Features of Investment in the Branches and Its Evaluation Methodology
AuthorAuthor 1: Umarhodjaev, Anvarjon Muzaffarovich;
14. Marketing Strategy for the Development of Production and Export of Plant Industry’s Products
AuthorAuthor 1: Eshmatov, Sanjar;
15. Importance of Developing the Storage, Transportation and Sale of Export-Oriented Agricultural Products
AuthorAuthor 1: Umarhodjaeva, Arofat Muzaffarovna;
16. Implementation of Foreign Experience of Corporate Governance in Commercial Banks: Theory and Practice
AuthorAuthor 1: Yaxyaeva, Inobat Karimovna;
17. Analysis of Influence Factors on Uzbekistan Stock Market Development Trends
AuthorAuthor 1: Yusupova, Dildora Turobjonovna;

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