Volume-14, Issue-01 , Jun 2024, ISSN 2249-0892 (Online)

Volume: 14 Issue: 01

S. No. Paper Title
1. Improving the Methodology for Evaluating Corporate Actions in Joint-Stock Companies
Author Author 1: Ismailov Allayor Rashidovich
2. Economic Efficiency Analysis of Textile Clusters: In Case of Uzbekistan
Author Author 1: Raykhona Akhmedova
3. Issues of Ensuring Economic Security on the Basis of Improving Tax Administration
Author Author 1: Tashmukhamedova Yayra Atkhamovna
4. Features of Industrial Production Dynamics in the Research of Textile Enterprises' Financial Security: In case of Uzbekistan
Author Author 1: Bobir O.Tursunov
5. Principles of Corporate Accounting and Reporting On Financial Results to Increase the Investment Attractiveness of Companies: International Experience and Perspective of Uzbekistan
Author Author 1: Ergasheva Shakhlo Turgunovna
6. Important Issues of Financing Investment Projects in Uzbekistan
Author Author 1: Ilhom Alimardonov Kholdarovna
7. Innovative Marketing Tools as a Factor for Increasing Competitiveness of Enterprises
Author Author 1: Ergashkhodjaeva Shakhnoza
8. Practical Aspects of Implementation of the "Lean Production" Concept in Light Industry
Author Author 1: Yakhaeva Inobat Karimovna
9. Optimization of Operational Processes by Cotton-Textile Clusters
Author Author 1: Bakhtiyor Nasimov
10. Relationships Between Marketing Mix And Corporate Image Of The Dairy Products: In Case of "Bio Natural Food" LLC
Author Author 1: Sanjar Eshmatov
11. Strategic Management Accounting Is the Basis of Decision Making
Author Author 1: Abdusalomova Nodira Bakhodirovna
12. Territorial Distribution of Small Business and Private Entrepreneurship Operating In the Republic of Uzbekistan
Author Author 1: Akbarova Barno Shukhratovna
13. Ways to Develop Tourism Services in Karapalkistan
Author Author 1: Jamshidkhon Imomov
14. Innovative Marketing Strategies in Increasing the Competitiveness of Higher Education
Author Author 1: Nishonov Dilshod Shamsidinovich
15. Complaens Risks of Using It Technologies in Banks in the Period of Digitization
Author Author 1: Sherzod Fayziev
16. State of Balance between Production Factors In Small Business Enterprises by Regions of Uzbekistan
Author Author 1: Kaypnazarova Gulshad Khojamuratovna
17. Analysis of Factors Affecting Inclusive Growth in Uzbekistan
Author Author 1: Sadullaev Toir
18. Assessment of Manufacturing Process Management Efficiency in Textile Cluster
Author Author 1: Umarkhodjayeva Muyassar
19. Importance of Risk Management in Software Engineering
Author Author 1: Ahmad Tasnim Siddiqui
20. Econometric Analysis of Economic Growth of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the Conditions of an Extensive, Intensive, and Digital Economy
Author Author 1: Tuygunoy Mamadjanova Author 2: Baxodirjon Bayxonov
21. Opportunities to Effectively Use the Economic Functions of The Mahallas In Uzbekistan
Author Author 1: Gafurov Ubaydullo Vakhabovich
22. Marketing Strategy in Globalization and Its Significance in Increasing the Competitiveness of Enterprises
Author Author 1: Aziz Tillyakhodjaev
23. Improving Marketing Activities in Small Business Entities
Author Author 1: Mumtozbegim Kholmatova
24. Historical Stages of Development and Recent Trends of Combating Corruption in The Banking Sector
Author Author 1: M.R. Rasulov
25. Customs Payments Received to The State Budget and Econometric Analysis of Factors Affecting It
Author Author 1: Sarmanov Orifjon Adiljonovich
26. Marketing Strategies for Increasing the Competitive Advantage of Enterprises
Author Author 1: Tursunkhojaev Akhrorhuja
27. The Fight Against Poverty as a Factor in Improving Living Standards
Author Author 1: Bahodir Bakhtiyorovich Usmanov
28. Initiating and Improving Marketing Research in The Conditions of Competitiveness of The Garment Market
Author Author 1: Urazov Mansur Musurmanovich
29. Analysis of Indicators of Socio-Economic Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan
Author Author 1: Asadov Jasur Abdujabborovich
30. Challenges and Opportunities for Investment in the Logistics Sector of Uzbekistan
Author Author 1: Mukhiddin Kalonov
31. Financial Statement Analysis Processes According Financial Statement Performance of BYD Co., Ltd in China
Author Author 1: Wei Xin
32. Prospects of Green Tax Instruments in Uzbekistan And Their Influence on The Economy
Author Author 1: Yuldasheva Madina Tohir Qizi
33. Evaluation of Factors Affecting Commercial Bank’s Liquidity Ratio
Author Author 1: Jahongir A. Abdurasulov
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