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Volume 1. Issue 1 (Jun 2011)
Volume 1. Issue 2 (Dec 2011)
Volume 1. Issue 2
S. No. Paper Title
- Himani Joshi, Dr. R. K. Srivastava
-Dr. Govind P. Shinde, Dr. Manisha Dubey
- Dr. R. K. Srivastava, Rasheedul Haque
Volume 3. Issue 2 (Dec 2013)
Volume 3. Issue 2
S. No. Paper Title
1. Trends, Opportunities & Challenges in Small Scale And Cottage Industries In Uttar Pradesh
- Pandey, Dr. Vivekanand;
2. Constrained Economic Load Dispatch Using Evolutionary Technique
- Singh, Nagendra; Kumar, Yogendra;
3. Robust, Effective And Flexible Software Architecture of E-Governance Based on Design Patterns For Indian Administrative Services
- Rao, L. Manjunatha; Rama Krishna, Dr. S.;
4. MCAP: Multiple Client Access Protocol
- Rathore, Ravindra Singh;
5. Model Framework for Enhancing Teaching and Learning with Mobile Devices
- Siddiqui, A. T.;
Volume 4. Issue 2 (Dec 2014)
Volume 5. Issue 2 (Dec 2015)
Volume 6. Issue 1 (Jun 2016)

Volume: 06 Issue: 01

S. No. Paper Title
1. Review of Cyber Crime in India: An Overview
AuthorAuthor 1: Nidhi Kataria Chawla AuthorAuthor 2: Aarti Singh
2. Double-Diffusive Instability of Couple-Stress Binary Rivlin-Ericksen Visco-Elastic Fluid Mixture in Porous Medium
AuthorAuthor 1:Sudhir KumarAuthorAuthor 2: Rimple Pundir
3. A Review Paper On E-Commerce
AuthorAuthor 1: S. A. BhatAuthorAuthor 2: K. Kansana AuthorAuthor 3: J. M. Khan
4. Role of Corporate Reputation, Brand Awareness & Expected Service Quality on Consumer Attitudinal Loyalty: A study on Telecommunication sector of Patna
AuthorAuthor 1: Kishore Bhattacharjee
5. A Review on Strategies for growing E-commerce in India
AuthorAuthor 1: Aarti Singh AuthorAuthor 2: Nidhi Kataria Chawla
6. An Enhanced Multi-Modal Biometric System for Secure User Identification
AuthorAuthor 1: Ahmad Tasnim Siddiqui AuthorAuthor 2: Bansal, Dr. Vaibhav;
7. Challenge for E-Commerce in India
AuthorAuthor 1: Archana Srivastava
8. An Efficient Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm for Optimization of Task Scheduling in Cloud Computing
AuthorAuthor 1: Rahul, Mohd; AuthorAuthor 2:Bansal, Dr. Vaibhav;
9. An Augmentation of Data Collection Functioning With Implementation by Pattern Variation Discovery in Wireless Sensor Networks: Novel Overview with Applications
AuthorAuthor 1: Mohd Muntjir
10. Energy Efficient Data Collection in WSN by Pattern Variation Discovery
AuthorAuthor 1: Mohd Muntjir
11. A Hybrid Intelligent Approach of Image Restoration by using Median and Decision Filtering Techniques
AuthorAuthor 1: Haque, Mohd. Junedul; AuthorAuthor 2: Bansal, Dr. Vaibhav
12. Intelligent Interaction Based on Age and Gender: A Detailed Survey
AuthorAuthor 1: Fayas Asharindavida
Volume 6. Issue 2 (Dec 2016)

Volume: 06 Issue: 02

S. No. Paper Title
1. Impact of Mobile commerce in E-commerce in perspective of Indian Scenario
AuthorAuthor 1: Aarti Singh
2. Assessment of Technologies for Quasi Govt and Govt Discoms in National Capital Region and Development of Power Distribution Technology Implementation Index
AuthorAuthor 1: Khurana, Vipin; AuthorAuthor 2: Prakash, Varun; AuthorAuthor 3: Rao, ORS;
3. Financial Performance Evaluation of Cement-Majors in India: An Application of TOPSIS Method
AuthorAuthor 1: Rohit Kumar
4. Optimizing OLSR Protocol for VANET
AuthorAuthor 1: Gupta, Kanika; AuthorAuthor 2: Kohli, Saurabh;
5. Review of Data Mining In WSN
AuthorAuthor 1: Priyanka
6. Review of various Change Detection Techniques for Hyperspectral Images
AuthorAuthor 1: Khanday, Waseem Ahmad; AuthorAuthor 2: Kumar, Kamal;
7. To Enhance the Performance of Relay Based Cooperative Spectrum Sensing In Cognitive Radio Networks over Nakagami-M-Channels
AuthorAuthor 1: Anand, Deepti; AuthorAuthor 2: Sharma, Er. Himanshu;
8. Change Detection in Hyper Spectral Images
AuthorAuthor 1: Khanday, Waseem Ahmad; AuthorAuthor 2: Kumar, Kamal;
Volume 7. Issue 1(Jun 2017)

Volume: 07 Issue: 01

S. No. Paper Title
1. A Review Paper on the Impact of Income Tax and Inflation on Salary
AuthorAuthor 1: Sanaullah
2. Security Issues related to Wireless Sensor Networks: Attacks, Challenges and Countermeasures
AuthorAuthor 1: Kumar, Sushil;
3. A Framework for Classification of Stressed and Hypertensive Patients
AuthorAuthor 1: Komal; AuthorAuthor 2:Panjeta, Sunil K.;
4. A Framework to Investigate Android Permissions for Malware Detection
AuthorAuthor 1: Gupta, Shivani; AuthorAuthor 2:Dhawan, Jaya;
5. Electronic Payment Security According to User's Perspective
AuthorAuthor 1: Siddiqui, Ahmad Tasnim;
6. K-mean Clustering for Data Mining: A Review
AuthorAuthor 1: Er. Shilpy; AuthorAuthor 2: Rana, Er. Rashim;
7. Improvement in Symmetric Hybrid K-Mean Clustering For the Prediction Analysis Using Normalization Techniques
AuthorAuthor 1: Er. Shilpy; AuthorAuthor 2: Rana, Er. Rashim;
8. A Brief Review of Lip Reading Recognition Techniques
AuthorAuthor 1: Naqvi, Syed Sabeel Abbas; AuthorAuthor 2: Shrivastav, Gaurav;
Volume 7. Issue 2(Dec 2017)

Volume: 07 Issue: 02

S. No. Paper Title
1. The Effect of Organizational Culture and Leadership Style towards Employee Engagement and Their Impact towards Employee Loyalty
AuthorAuthor 1: Muhammad Abbas
2. A Hybrid Approach for Speech Recognition Using Visual Features
AuthorAuthor 1: Naqvi, Syed Sabeel Abbas; AuthorAuthor 2: Shrivastav, Gaurav;
3. Stimulating Contributions of Islamia College Peshawar
AuthorAuthor 1: Khan, Ismail; AuthorAuthor 2: Shah, Dr. Jehangir;
4. Analysing Soundness and Efficiency of Banking in India
AuthorAuthor 1: Mishra, Dr. Manoj Kumar;
5. A Study of Multicollinearity in Estimation of Coefficients in Ridge Regression
AuthorAuthor 1: Mishra, Dr. Manoj Kumar;
6. Review Paper on Evolution and Need of System Analysis and Design
AuthorAuthor 1: Srivastava, Archana;
Volume 8. Issue 1(June 2018)

Volume: 08 Issue: 01

S. No. Paper Title
1. FDI in Retail Is the Need of the Hour
AuthorAuthor 1: Priti, Dr. Chetna;
2. A Study on Client Satisfaction towards Life Insurance Corporation of India
AuthorAuthor 1: Kumar, Ashok;
3. Attaining Sustainable Development through Financial Inclusion and Women Empowerment
AuthorAuthor 1: Priti, Dr. Chetna;
Volume 8. Issue 2(Dec18 Jan19)

Volume: 08 Issue: 02

S. No. Paper Title
1. An Empirical Exploration to Impact of Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) on Human Health
AuthorAuthor 1: Muntjir, Mohd; AuthorAuthor 2: Rahul, Mohd;
2. The Impact of Social Media on Purchasing Intentions of Green Products
AuthorAuthor 1: Abdollahbeigi, Bentolhoda; AuthorAuthor 2: Salehi, Farhang;
3. Effective of Using the Financial and Credit System in Increasing the Competitiveness of Unemployed Youth
AuthorAuthor 1: Zikriyayev, Zokir Mamirovich;
4. Training Tendencies of Perspectives in the System of Training Education
AuthorAuthor 1: Alijonov, Utkirjon Maxamadalievich;
5. Management of the Reproduction Process of the Main Capital of the Railway Company
AuthorAuthor 1: Gulamov, Abdulaziz Abdullayevich;
6. Theory of Development of the Localization Program in the Railway Transport System of Uzbekistan
AuthorAuthor 1: Hamraev, Djamshid Panjievich;
7. Improving Human Resource Management in the Oil and Fat Industry Based on Structural Changes
AuthorAuthor 1: Kasymova, Dilorom Sabirovna; AuthorAuthor 2: Azlarova, D. A.;
8. Features of Historical and Cultural Tourism and the Factors of Its Development
AuthorAuthor 1: Ruziev, Shokhruzbek;
Volume 9. Issue 1 (Jun 2019)

Volume: 09 Issue: 01

S. No. Paper Title
1. Main Directions of Improving the Efficiency of Cash Flow Management in Conditions of Modernization of the Economy
AuthorAuthor 1: Shahlo, Masharipova;
2. A Study of Pedagogy and Students Learning Outcome in English Communication Skills Classes in the Management Colleges of Bihar
Author Author 1: Kumari, Nutan; Author Author 2: Kumari, Dr Pallavi; Author Author 3: Ghosh, Dr Shampa;
3. Econometric Analysis of World Investment Funds Net Assets
Author Author 1: Usmanovich, Burhanov Aktam; Author Author 2: Hurramovich, Khudoyqulov Khurshid;
Author Author 3: Ortikmirzaevich, Tursunov Bobir;
4. Opportunities of Use of Personnel Mobile Services on the Work of the Labor Market
AuthorAuthor 1: Qizi, Doniyorova Fotimabonu Alisher;
5. Importance of Peculiarities of Services in Management of Enterprises
AuthorAuthor 1: Akramovich, Ikramov Murat; AuthorAuthor 2: Muratovna, Nabiyeva Nilufar;
6. Social-Economic Mechanisms of Tourism Development in Uzbekistan
AuthorAuthor 1: Sultonovich, Sayfutdinov Shuhratjon;
7. Changes and Opportunities at Tourism Infrastructure
AuthorAuthor 1: Norbutaevich, Norchaev Asatullo;
8. Synergy Effect Textile Clusters of Uzbekistan
AuthorAuthor 1: Akhmadovich, Khakimov Ziyodulla;
Volume 9. Issue 2 (Dec 2019)

Volume: 09 Issue: 02

S. No. Paper Title
1. An Inclusive Study on Substantial Need for Healthcare IoT Architecture: An Architectural Review
AuthorAuthor 1: Evangelin. D; AuthorAuthor 2: Ithayarani. P; AuthorAuthor 3: Nelson Samuel Jebastin. J;
2. Prediction of Death Causes Using Regression Models and Moving Averages
AuthorAuthor 1: Abbas, Irfan; AuthorAuthor 2: Muneer, Umair;
3. Study and Design of A High Capacity Fiber-Optic Communication Link by Analyzing and Comparing Different Dispersion Techniques Using DCF
AuthorAuthor 1: Rahman, M. M.; AuthorAuthor 2: Islam, M. S.; AuthorAuthor 3: Tanvir, M. M.; AuthorAuthor 4: Rubayan, S.;
4. New Paradigm of Training and Development for Employees and Organization
AuthorAuthor 1:Poonam;
5. Main Ways to Assess the Effectiveness of Railway Management
AuthorAuthor 1: Agzamova, Marguba Mirabdullaev;
6. Ways of Efficient Usage of Internet Marketing In Selling a Tourism Products
AuthorAuthor 1: Babaev, Jurabek Hidoyatovich;
7. Issues of Strengthening of Local Budget Revenues by Assessing the Financial Potential of Regions
AuthorAuthor 1: Buranova, Lola Vahobovna;
8. A Review Paper on Impact of CPEC on Pakistani Culture
AuthorAuthor 1: Sanaullah
9. Improvement of Economic Efficiency of Development of Railway
AuthorAuthor 1: Fayzullaev Javlonbek Sultanovich
10. The Role of the Textile Industry in the Economy of Uzbekistan
AuthorAuthor 1: Kazakov, Olimjon Sobirovich;
11. Theoretical and Practical Basis for Development of Transport Infrastructure
AuthorAuthor 1: Rakhimov, Hasanboy Shukurjonovich;
12. The Economic Mechanisms of the Risks That Affect the Investment Increasing the Regions
AuthorAuthor 1: Rajabov, Bunyod;
13. The State and Dynamics of the Main Indicators of the Educational Services Market in Uzbekistan
AuthorAuthor 1: Sadullaeva, Gulnoza Sodiq qizi;
14. Strategic Development in the Textile Industry
AuthorAuthor 1: Umarova, Guzal Gayratovna;
15. Innovative Ways of Traditional Tourism Development
AuthorAuthor 1: Usmonov, Chorshanbi Bozorovich; AuthorAuthor 2: Nuriddinova, Nilufar Nuriddin qizi;
16. Improvement of Insurance Policy Accounting Methods and Increasing the Stability of Insurance Companies
AuthorAuthor 1: Ergashev, Khurshid Nabiyevich;
17. Human Capital the Main Factor of Development of Innovative Economy
AuthorAuthor 1: Yarmatov, Sharifiddin Chorievich; AuthorAuthor 2: Ismatov, Sharafiddin Asatulloevich;
18. Overview of World Turnover of Vegetable Oil Trade
AuthorAuthor 1: Yuldashev, Abduhakim;
19. Efficiency of Effective Resources and Use in Agriculture
AuthorAuthor 1: Mirzaev, Abdulla Kurbanovich; AuthorAuthor 2: Sharifi, Abdul-Fatah;
Volume 10. Issue 1 (June 2020)

Volume: 10 Issue: 01

S. No. Paper Title
1. The Influence of e-Service Quality Dimensions on Customer Satisfaction and Purchase Intention: An Indian e-Market Perspective
AuthorAuthor 1: Faisal, A.S.; AuthorAuthor 2: Haque, R.; AuthorAuthor 3: Pang, A.K.; AuthorAuthor 4: Rahman, A.
AuthorAuthor 5: Connie,G.
2. Finding Future Markets of Uzbekistan Sewing and Knitting Enterprises
AuthorAuthor 1: Abdiyeva, Dilnavoz A.;
3. Strategy to Increase the Efficiency and Sustainable Development of Commercial Banks
AuthorAuthor 1: Usmonov, Chorshanbi B.; AuthorAuthor 2: Nuriddinova, Nilufar N.;
4. Non-commercial Advertisements: A Study of Awareness & Preference among Rural Women
AuthorAuthor 1: Sharma, Dr. Khushboo; AuthorAuthor 2: Mehta, Dr. Pallavi; AuthorAuthor 3: Gupta, Alka;
5. Development of Digital Systems of Enterprises of Agriculture and Water Management
AuthorAuthor 1: Ergasheva, Shakhlo T.;
6. NonEmployment Increase: Theory and Practice
AuthorAuthor 1: Khayitov, Abdumannon B.; AuthorAuthor 2: Tukhtayeva, Khurshida F.;
7. The Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the Supply Chain of Agricultural Products
AuthorAuthor 1: Mukhamedjanova, Kamola;
8. Economic Analysis Of The Development Of The Securities Market In The Republic Of Uzbekistan
AuthorAuthor 1: Rustamova, Dilbar;
9. Investment Funds Functioning Features In The Conditions of Economic Liberalization of Uzbekistan
AuthorAuthor 1: Sultanov, Makhmud; AuthorAuthor 2: Bobur, Valiev; AuthorAuthor 3: Abrorov, Sirojiddin; AuthorAuthor 4: Khudoykulov, Khurshid;
10. Labour Protection Problems In Ensuring The Economic Security of Industrial Enterprises
AuthorAuthor 1: Tukhtabaev, Jamshid Sh.; AuthorAuthor 2: Tillaeva, Barno R.; AuthorAuthor 3: Ismagulova, Gulmira N.;
11. Advantages of Developing Cashless Settlement
AuthorAuthor 1: Rakhmatullaev, Anvar I.; AuthorAuthor 2: Ruziev, Zafar I.; AuthorAuthor 3: Normamatov, Ikhtiyar B.;
12. Methods of Calculating the Cost Of Products and the Possibility of Their Application In the Modern Economy of Uzbekistan
AuthorAuthor 1: Khasanov, Bakhodir A.; AuthorAuthor 2: Yarkulova, Marifatkhon A.;  
13. Increasing Population Employment Under Conditions of Modernization Country Economy
AuthorAuthor 1: Khayitov, Abdumannon B.; AuthorAuthor 2: Giyosova, Gulnoza U.;
14. Ways of the Marketing Strategy Forming of Fruit and Vegetable Products
AuthorAuthor 1: Mamadjanova, Tuygunoy A.;
15. Use of Expert Question Method in Evaluation of Technology Update in Industry
AuthorAuthor 1: Rustamov, Narzillo I.;
16. Factors Affecting Customer’s Satisfaction and Loyalty in Hospitals in China
AuthorAuthor 1: Haque, Dr. Rasheedul; AuthorAuthor 2: Rahman, Dr. Abdul; AuthorAuthor 3: Ah Kow, Alfred Pang;
17. Aspect of Financial Security of Industrial Enterprises Under Influence of Global Crisis
AuthorAuthor 1: Tursunov, Bobir O.;
18. Problems of Evaluation and Procuring Economic Security At Enterprises
AuthorAuthorAuthor 1: Uktamov, Khusniddin;
19. Influence of Internalization to The Competitiveness of Higher Education in The Republic of Uzbekistan
AuthorAuthor 1: Zufarova, Nozima;
Volume 10. Issue 2 (Dec 2020)

Volume: 10 Issue: 02

S. No. Paper Title
1. Choosing a Form of Business Environment in Management Efficiency in Textile Enterprises
Author Author 1: Muzaffarjon Mirmuxsinovich, Akbarov
2. Scientific Aspects of Agrarian Market Development in Ensuring Macroeconomic Sustainability
Author Author 1: Yashnarjon Egamberdievich, Aliev
3. The Estimated of Threats to the Financial Security: Evidence from Uzbek Company’s
Author Author 1: Shohjahon, Yusupov
4. Comparative Study of HDFC Bank and SBI
Author Author 1: Nirmal, Mr. Anilkumar; Author Author 2:Derashri, Dr. Purvi
5. Improving Methodology to Evaluate the Efficiency of Textile Enterprises
Author Author 1: Feruza Payzievna, Azimova
6. Oil Management Issues in the Development of the Digital Economy
Author Author 1: Azlarova, Dilnoza
7. Scientific and Theoretical Fundamentals of Ensuring Economic Security of Small Business and Private Enterprises
Author Author 1: Mamadjanov, Farhod
8. Methodological Aspects of the Bank's Information Security  
Author Author 1: Khujamurodov, Askarjon Author Author 2: Jumanova, Zilola
9. Scientific and Theoretical Basis of Threats to the Economic Security of the Enterprise
Author Author 1: Uktamov, Khusniddin
10. Developing Methodology to Evaluate the Efficiency of Development Marketing Strategy
Author Author 1: Rustamovich, Mardonov Sherzod
11. Integral Assessment of the Capacity of Textile Industry Enterprises
Author Author 1: Abdurahmonovich, Isaev Ravshan
12. Effectiveness of Approaching the Process Approach to the Development of Competence of Employees of Cotton Ginning Enterprises
Author Author 1: Rakhmonkulovna, Omonova Nasiba
13. Issues of Innovative Development and Management of Enterprises
Author Author 1: Nasimov, Bakhtiyor
14. Ways to Increase Competitiveness in Small Business and Private Enterprises
Author Author 1: Mamajonovich, Onarboev Shuxrat
15. Innovation Capabilities and Small Business Enterprises' Performance
Author Author 1: Shonazarova, Gulyora
16. Conceptual Fundamentals of Diversification of Production in Farms to Ensure in Food Security and Poverty Reduction
Author Author 1: Sharafetdinovich, Tukhtabaev Jamshid Author Author 2:Baymamatovna, Taylakova Dilafruz Author Author 3: Abdullayevich, Tashnazarov Suratjon Author Author 4: Nuralievna, Ismagulova Gulmira
Author Author 5: Qizi, Suvpulatova Maftuna Asadullo
17. Ways to Determine and Reduce Investment Risks in Banks
Author Author 1: Muzaffarovich, Umarkhodjaev Anvarkhon
18. Co-integration Analysis of Relationship between the Small Business Export Potential and Poverty Reduction in Uzbekistan
Author Author 1: Tursunov, Ulugbek
19. The Main Directions of Increasing the Economic Efficiency of Transport Infrastructure
Author Author 1: Turabovna, Asqarova Mavluda Author Author 2: Shukurjonovich, Rakhimov Khasanboy
20. Ways of Effective Use of Territorial Resources in Industrial Enterprises
Author Author 1: Istamovich, Rustamov Narzillo Author Author 2: Qizi, Tukhtaeva Muyassar Shovkat
Volume 11. Issue 1 (Jan 2021)

Volume: 11 Issue: 01

S. No. Paper Title
1. Is a Customs Audit the Activity of this Service? Or the Inspection Process? Priorities for its Implementation
Author Author 1: Azizov Sh. Author Author 2: Abdullaev K.
2. Analysis of the Influence of Dynamics and Structure of Export and Import on Economic Security
Author Author 1: Tukhtabaev, Jamshid Author Author 2: Rakhimov, Imron Author Author 3: Bekmuratov, Nurali Author Author 4: Mamadaliyev, Doniyorbek Author Author 5: Nurullayev, Xayotjon
3. Modeling the Process of Efficient Use of Domestic Investment in the Country's Economy
Author Author 1: Aymukhammedova, Amina Kakajanovna Author Author 2: Aymatova, Farida Khurazovna
4. Data Visualization: A Study of Tools and Challenges
Author Author 1: Siddiqui, Ahmad Tasnim
5. The Role of Economic Security in the Enterprise Management System
Author Author 1: Uktamov, Khusniddin
6. Ways to Increase The Efficiency of Motor Vehicle Services
Author Author 1: Rakhmatovich, Mirzaev Furqat
7. Development of Small Business Activities with Imitation Innovations
Author Author 1: Bakhtiyorovich, Salimov Sherzod
8. Methods for Evaluation and Measurement of Intellectual Capital of Employees of Small Businesses  
Author Author 1: Umarkhodjaeva, Muyassarkhon
9. Methodology of Local Brand Formation: Concepts and Literature Review
Author Author 1: Boltaeva, Zinora
10. The Advantage of International Standardization and Integration in Control and Audit in the Public Sector
Author Author 1: Abrorovna, Mannapova Rano
11. Features of Formation of Financial Statements In accordance With IFRs Requirements
Author Author 1: Turgunovna, Ergasheva Shahlo
12. Issues of Using the Pension System in Uzbekistan from the Experience of Developed Countries: Practice, Analysis and Prospects
Author Author 1: Gafurov, Ubaydullo V.; Author Author 2: Davronov, Shuhratjon Z.
13. Innovative Assessment for Evaluation of Personnel Development Effectiveness in the Agro-Industrial Complex
Author Author 1: Yuldashevna, Khojamuratova Gulbahor; Author Author 2: Ikromovna, Vafoeva Dilafruz
14. Improving the Methodological Framework for Identifying and Accounting For Green Jobs in Small Business and Private Entrepreneurship
Author Author 1: Bahodirovich, Goyipnazarov Sanjar
15. Efficiency of Marketing Management in Textile Enterprises
Author Author 1: Yusupov, Saidvali
16. Tendencies for the Development of Innovative Infrastructure in Agriculture
Author Author 1: Aliev, Yashnarjon E.; Author Author 2: Urazov, Mansur M.
17. Theoretical Fundamentals of Introduction of Economic Production in Industrial Enterprises: Principles and Functions
Author Author 1: Karimovna, Yaxyaeva Inobat
18. Cluster Analysis of the Industrial Sector in Ensuring the Financial Security of Textile Enterprises of Uzbekistan
Author Author 1: Tursunov, Bobir
19. Assessment of Customer Relations in Commercial Banks
Author Author 1: Abrorovich, Yuldoshev Jamshid; 
20. A Comparative Study of Kotak Mahindra Bank’s Priority Sector Lending & Non-Priority Sector Lending Non-Performing Assets
Author Author 1: Nirmal, Dr. Anilkumar Author Author 2: Deogaonkar, Dr. Anant
Volume 11. Issue 2 (Jan 2022)

Volume: 11 Issue: 02

S. No. Paper Title
1. Ways To Ensure Food Security Through Agrarian Market Development
Author Author 1: Egamberdievich, Aliev Yashnarjon Author Author 2: Jaloliddinov Anvar Jaloliddin Oglu
2. Econometric Modeling And Forecast Of Net Revenues From Sales Of Products By Small Business: In Case Of Uzbekistan
Author Author 1: Akbarova, Barno Author
3. Effective Use of Gr-Governance Mechanisms in The Development of The State, Society and Business
Author Author 1: Davronovich, Djuraev Dilshod Author
4. The Concept of Ensuring the Strategic Economic Security of An Enterprise in The Context of Its Permanent Development
Author Author 1: Gulomov, Elbek Ulugbek Ugli
5. Accounting Policy of The Enterprise: Development and Amendments
Author Author 1: Turgunovna, Ergasheva Shakhlo Author Author 2: Abrorovna, Mannapova Rano
6. The Role of Economic Security in The Company Management System
Author Author 1: Khodjamuratova, Gulbakhor Author Author 2: Uktamov, Fazliddin
7. Improving The Theory and Methods of Forming the Financial Policy of The Enterprise
Author Author 1: Xamdamov Sardor Farmon Ogli
8. Improving The Methodology For Evaluating The Internal Control System In The Audit Process Based On International Standards
Author Author 1: Islamovich, Ilkhamov Shavkat
9. Creative Approach to Effective Measures of Financial Sustainability Management
Author Author 1: Akramovich, Kilichev Alisher
10. Theoretical Analysis Content and Essence of the Concept of "Investment"
Author Author 1: Umarova, Guzal Author Author 2: Uaysovich, Shakirov Nurzod
11. Characteristics of Payment of Employees in Law Enforcement Agencies
Author Author 1: Ibragimovna, Karimjanova Munavvar
12. Assessment And Management of Credit Risk in Banks
Author Author 1: Akromovich, Toshpulatov Davron
13. Theoretical and Methodological Aspects of Corporate Governance
Author Author 1: Aripkhodjaeva, Nargiza
14. The Role of The Tourism Sector in The National Economy and Characteristics
Author Author 1: Ashiralievich, Mamadjanov Abrorali
15. Improving the Efficiency of Cultivation and Export of Agricultural Products: In Case Surkhandarya
Author Author 1: Mamadjanova, Tuygunoy Author Author 2: Normurodov, Alibek
16. Economical Analysis of Certain Types of Industrial Production In The Regions
Author Author 1: Rakhimov, Zoxidjon
17. Foreign Experience Development Banks: In Case of Russia and Europe
Author Author 1: Rakhmatov, Khasanboy
18. Direction of Conducting Transformation Processes in The Chemical Industry
Author Author 1: Xakimovich, Tuxtayev Akobirjon
19. Methodological Aspects of The Agroindustrial Complex Management in Covid-19 Conditions in The World
Author Author 1: Muzaffarovna, Umarkhodjaeva Arafatkhon
20. Discriminant Analysis of Consumer Attitudes Towards Fashion
Author Author 1: Khakimov, Ziyodulla Author Author 2: Akramov, Tokhirjon   Author Author 3: Mahmudov, Tokhirjon
21. Development of Sales Strategies and Alternative Marketing Channels in The World's Leading Automotive Corporations
Author Author 1: Lazizovich, Tuychiev Komiljon
Volume 12. Issue 1 (Jun 2022)

Volume: 12 Issue: 01

S. No. Paper Title
1. Theoretical Aspects of Labor Market Development
Author Author 1: Khamroevna, Jumaeva Dilafruz
2. Issues For Apricot Products` Export: In Case Uzbekistan
Author Author 1: Ugli, Khojiev Elshod Yakub Author
3. Methodology For Infrastructure Development Assesment
Author Author 1: Normurodov, Khasun Author
4. Industrial Regional Industry Clastering Assessment Methods: In Case of Uzbekistan
Author Author 1: Fazliddinovich, Makhmudov Mirabbos
5. Muhammad Ismail Al-Bukhari and Abu Nasr: The Moral Significance of Al-Farabi's Heritage
Author Author 1: Nasirov, Kamiljon
6. Ways of Effective Use of the Available Authorities in the Development of the Industry in the Region
Author Author 1: Nazrillo, Rustamov
7. Cluster Policy in Textile: In the Case of Uzbekistan
Author Author 1: Tojiev, Sadulla
8. Market Strategies for Introduction To The European Technological Products
Author Author 1: Ergashkhodjaeva, Shakhnoza Author Author 2: Ahmadovich, Khakimov Ziyodulla
9. Methodology for Brand Equity Assessment of Universities in Transformation Period of the Educational System
Author Author 1: Gulamiddinovna, Zufarova Nozima
10. Improving the Methods of Evaluating the Effectiveness of Corporate Management
Author Author 1: Amirkulov, Akrom
11. Foreign Trade Tendencies of Silk Products: In Case of Uzbekistan
Author Author 1: Sadulloyevich, Jumaev Olimjon
12. Modern Tools of Digital Marketing in Small Business and Entrepreneurship
Author Author 1: Kasimova, Fatima
13. Theoretical and Practical Issues of Competition Intelligence in Business Management: In Case of Electrical Industry
Author Author 1: Tursunkhodjaev, Sardor
14. Statistical Study of Demographic Processes in The Republic of Uzbekistan
Author Author 1: Ergashevich, Dusnaev Sherzod
15. Ensuring the Financial Security of Textile Enterprises of Uzbekistan
Author Author 1: Tursunov, Bobir
16. Issues of Small Business Localization Development at The Local Management
Author Author 1: Tulkinboevich, Ubaydullaev Akmal
17. Analysis of Theoretical Approaches to The Formation and Optimization of Share Capital
Author Author 1: Abdulkhamidovich, Rakhmatullaev Botirjon
18. Main Directions of Macroeconomic Regulation of Investment Processes in The Country
Author Author 1: Akhmadjanova, Abdurakhimova Saida
19. Methodology of Assessment of Industrial Regional Industry Clasting
Author Author 1: Fazliddinovich, Makhmudov Mirabbos
20. Theoretical and Practical Aspects for Branding in Schools
Author Author 1: Odilova, Sitora
Volume 12. Issue 2 (Jan 2023)

Volume: 12 Issue: 02

S. No. Paper Title
1. Features of the Strategic Approach
Author Author 1: Orinbay, Nazarbayev;
2. Ways of Determining Innovative Potential in a Joint Stock Company
Author Author 1: Abduvakhitovna, Shomansurova Zilola;
3. Reforms and Prospects of Involving Citizens in Budget Processes in Uzbekistan
Author Author 1: Khamidov, Khabibulla;
4. Legal Framework for Microcredit Organizations in the Republic of Uzbekistan and Analysis of Their Current State
Author Author 1: Nazarova, Muslima Nazarovna;
5. Features of Dividend Allocation and Taxation in Investment Funds of Uzbekistan
Author Author 1: Sultanov, Mahmud;
6. Corruption Is a Worldwide Phenomenon
Author Author 1: Nazarbayev, Orinbay;
7. The Testing of Cost of Capital Using Discounted Cash Methods
Author Author 1: Khudoykulov, Khurshid;
Volume 13. Issue 1 (Jun 2023)

Volume: 13 Issue: 01

S. No. Paper Title
1. Experience of Advanced Foreign Countries in Supporting and Regulating Business and Craft Activities in Mahallas
Author Author 1: Ashurov Mukhamadjon Murodovich
2. Decoding Essential Elements for Marketing Strategies of Digital Products and Services: A Review
Author Author 1: Dr. Azizjon Bobojonov
3. Development of A Competency Model for English Teacher in Higher Education Institutions
Author Author 1: Boltaeva Sitora Mirdjonovna
4. Management of Personnel from Industrial Enterprises
Author Author 1: Jurayeva Guzal Shavkatovna
5. Ways to Improve the Functional Strategy in Textile Industry Enterprises
Author Author 1: Kadirkhodjaeva Nilufar
6. Methodical Aspects for Regulating of Enterprises Financial Security
Author Author 1: Umarova Nargiza Kholdarovna
7. Scientific and Practical Aspects of Managing Textile Clusters and Increasing Their Export Potential
Author Author 1: Saddrinova Nigora Khusniddin Qizi
8. Ways for Regulating of Financing Entrepreneurship in Mahallas
Author Author 1: Akhmadjonov Farkhodjon Akromjon Ugli
10. Determination of the Minimum Required Levels in Financial Security of Banks
Author Author 1: Akbarov Bekhzokhon Ulugbek Ugli
11. Methodological Approaches to The Research of the "Middle Class" Factor
Author Author 1: Asadov Jasur Abdujabborovich
12. Methodological Aspects of Using Marketing Strategies in Filling the Consumer Market with Food Products
Author Author 1: Azlarova Munira Mukhammadamin Qizi
13. Increasing the Efficiency of Use of Manufacturing Capacity on The Basis of The Production Software Optimization Model in Enterprises
Author Author 1: Satvoldiev Ulugbek Kamilovich
14. Insurance in Uzbekistan: Experience and Practice
Author Author 1: Sharobiddinov Akramjon Goyibbaevich
15. Theoretical Principles of Management Development in Physical Education and Sports on The Basis of Public-Private Partnership
Author Author 1: Yuldoshev Ulugbek Askar Ugli
16. Methodological Aspects of Assessment of The Export Potential of Small Businesses
Author Author 1: Mamadjanova Tuygunoy
17. Assessment of Railway Transport Service Quality Levels
Author Author 1: Jalolava Madina Shopulat Qizi
18. Analysis of Tax Administration Activity of State Tax Service Bodies
Author Author 1: Tashmukhamedova Yayra
19. Methodological Principles of Assessing the Efficiency of Management of Investments in Textile Industry Enterprises
Author Author 1: Umarova Guzal Gayratovna
20. A Review on Driver Drowsiness Detection System
Author Author 1: Rahul Kumar Singh Author Author 2: Mohd Junedul Haque Author Author 3: Pooja Vadnere
21. Indicators for Managing the Efficiency of Water Consumption in Agriculture in The Regions of Uzbekistan
Author Author 1: Akhmedov Sayfullo Normatovich
22. Public News Droid: An Daptive News App Interface
Author Author 1: Mohd Junedul Haque Author Author 2: Rahul Singh Author Author 3: Mritunjay
23. Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Labor Market: Analysis of Activities and Research in Uzbekistan
Author Author 1: Tukhtasinov Zafarjon Odiljonovich
24. State and Society - Development of The Institutional Basis of This Small Business
Author Author 1: Umarkhodjaeva Muyassarkhon Ganievna
25. Issues of Adapting the Indicators of The National Accounting System to The International Methodology in Uzbekistan
Author Author 1: Bakhodir Begalov Author Author 2: Abrorali Mamadjanov Author Author 3: Odiljon Mamadaliev
Volume 13. Issue 2 (Dec 2023)

Volume: 13 Issue: 02

S. No. Paper Title

Improving the Practice of Increasing the Effectiveness of Managing Innovation Processes in Commercial Banks
Akhmedov Samandar Sayfullo Ugli


Development of The National Labor Market of Uzbekistan And Its Effective Functioning
Dinara Adkhamova


Impact of Digital Technologies on The Sustainable Development of Tourism: In Case of Uzbekistan
Jamshidkhon Imomov, Saginbaeva Shakhnoza Jenisbayevna


Trends in the Development of the Concept of Competition
Jalolov Abbaskhan


Retail Banking Products in Uzbek Commercial Banks: A Comprehensive Overview
Yunusova Shaxlo Raximdjanovna


Priority Directions of Using Cluster in Food Production
Rustamov Narzillo Istamovich


Development of The Food Products Market of Uzbekistan
Yusupov Makhamadamin


Application of IFRS In the Conditions of Digital Technologies
Rano A. Mannapova


Actual Issues of Financial Reporting in Insurance Organizations on The Basis of International Standards
Ergashova Mukaddas


Proper Development of Industry in Uzbekistan
Rakhimbaev Akmal Azatboevich


Marketing Strategies for Increasing the Competitiveness of Printing Enterprises
Kholmirzaeva Feruza Abdullaevna


Personnel Training Prospects in Agro-Tourism: In Case of Uzbekistan
Jurayeva Nargiza Abduvokhidovna


Public Finances of The Republic of Uzbekistan: Formation, Problems and Development Over the Years of Independence
Zarina Khairiddinovna Srojiddinova


Features of Investment Asset Management of Oil Companies When Implementing Additional Income Tax
Alisher Mannapov


Automation of Accounting for Employment Payments in The Government Organization
Khaydarova Nargiza Anvarovna


Methodological Approaches of Determining and Assessing the Level of Poverty
Sattorov Ikhtiyor Ochilovich

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