Special Issue - 4 [August 2023]

1. Action Recognition Using Spatial and Temporal Features with Kernel SVM
AuthorAuthor 1: N. Nivetha
2. The Role of Innovation in The Development of Banking
AuthorAuthor 1: Akhmedov Samandar Sayfullo Ugli
3. Factors Affecting Production Costs in Grain Farming
AuthorAuthor 1: Azimova Khurshida Mirsamadovna
4. Role of Business in The Economy of Country: A Case of Uzbekistan
AuthorAuthor 1: Barno Akbarova AuthorAuthor 2: Khusnuddinova Munisa Jamoliddin Qizi
5. Convolutional Neural Network-Based Hand Gesture Recognizer
AuthorAuthor 1: K. Kirubananthavalli AuthorAuthor 2: C. Ajitha
6. Role of Compliance-Control in Bank’s Economic Security
AuthorAuthor 1: Sherzod Fayziev
7. Comparative Analysis of Financial Management in The Higher Education System: The Experience of Developing Countries
AuthorAuthor 1: Mukhtorkhon Tashkhodjaev
8. Development Forecast of The Building Materials Market
AuthorAuthor 1: Usubjonov Zahriddin
9. Food Security Through Agrarian Market Development
AuthorAuthor 1: Aliev Yashnarjon Egamberdievich
10. Empiric Analyzing For Net Revenues From Sales of Products By Small Business
AuthorAuthor 1: Barno Akbarova
11. Practice of Implementation for International Financial Reporting Standards in Enterprises
AuthorAuthor 1: Ergasheva Shakhlo Turgunovna
12. Finnish Experience in Education: Case Study
AuthorAuthor 1: Sitora Odilova AuthorAuthor 2: Petri Lounaskorpi
13. Improving for Marketing Strategies in Transport Enterprisest
AuthorAuthor 1: Sarvar Khasanov
14. Foreign Experience on Cluster Development: Methodological Aspects
AuthorAuthor 1: Makhmudov Mirabbos Fazliddinovich
15. Econometric Analysis for Relationships with The Marketing Mix and Corporate Image of The Dairy Products Manufacturer
AuthorAuthor 1: Sanjar Eshmatov
16. Managing the Quality of Training for The Tourism Industry Through It-Technologies: Methodical Aspect
AuthorAuthor 1: Yuldasheva Dilnoza Ulugbekovna
17. Scientific Approaches to Socio-Economic Development of Territories
AuthorAuthor 1: Abdullaev Farkhod Ozodovich
18. Features of The Application of Technologies of The Digital Economy in Tourism (Tourism 4.0)
AuthorAuthor 1: Yuldasheva Dilnoza Ulugbekovna AuthorAuthor 1: Ahmad Tasnim Siddiqui
19. Improvement of Financial Results Accounting in Insurance Companies in Reliance Upon International Standards
AuthorAuthor 1: Ergasheva Mukaddas Shukhrat Kizi
20. Methods and Efficiency of Improving the Logistics Based on Digital Technologies in the Process of Waste Products Recycling in Uzbekistan
AuthorAuthor 1: Sadinov Aziz Ziyadullayevich
21. Analysis of The Market for Educational Services of Higher Educational Institutions of The Republic of Uzbekistan In Modern Conditions
AuthorAuthor 1: Turaeva Dinara Tulkunovna
22. Social Innovation Types and Framework: Literature Review
AuthorAuthor 1: Bobir Tursunov AuthorAuthor 2: Aziz Bobojonov
23. Strategic Directions of Using Alternative Energy for Achieving Energy Saving in Industry
AuthorAuthor 1: Buzrukhanov Sardarkhan Sarvarkhan Ugli
24. Prospects for Improving the Efficiency of Participation of Small Business Entities in Foreign Trade Activities
AuthorAuthor 1: Sanginov Zafar Abduganiyevich
25. Artistic rendition of "A Literature Review of Big Data for Cybercrime Detection
AuthorAuthor 1: Dharmraj Kumar Vitragi AuthorAuthor 2: Dr. Lalan Kumar Singh AuthorAuthor 3: Arif Mohammad Sattar AuthorAuthor 4: Mritunjay Kr. Ranjan
26. Directions for Improving the Tax-Free Mechanism of Income Redistribution in Uzbekistan
AuthorAuthor 1: Khadjiyev Bakhtiyar Dushaboevich
27. Forecast of The Tourism Industry's Need for Professional Staff
AuthorAuthor 1: Ochilova Hilola Farmonovna

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